JSC "Asphaltobetonny zavod 1"

"... The experience of our company during last 7 years in hard conditions of reforming of the Russian economy has shown that the domestic manufacturer can and should be competitive. We have introduced the modern "know-how", have created the qualified collective of the workers and managers, and first in Northwest Russia began to product qualitatively new asphalt mixes allowing to increase service life of the top layers of road in 1,5-2 times..."

General director
Kalinine V.V.

JSC "Asphaltobetonny zavod 1" was found in 1932 and became the first specialized enterprise in St.-Petersburg on manufacture of asphalt mixes for construction and repair of urban streets and the squares.
The enterprise was reorganized in 1993 and since this time has begun to modernization morally and physically out-of-date "know-how" of asphalt mixes.
The orientation of joint-stock company "ABZ-1" on product of highest quality, aspiration to the maximal satisfaction of cus-tomer requirements has allowed the company to occupy a leading position in St.-Petersburg on manufacture of asphalt mixes.
Today joint-stock company "ABZ-1" makes all range of asphalt mixes for road construction and repair. They are large granu-lar, small granular, sandy, hot dense and porous asphalt mixes (more 20 various recipes), used for top and bottom layers of road clothes.
The JSC "ABZ-1" production not only completely corresponds to the specifications of state standards, but also satisfies to increased requirements on shift resistance and crack resis-tance, showed to asphalt mixes in the European countries.
The top layers of road clothes, in which are t he JSC "ABZ-1" mixes are characterized by:
  • a high roughness of a surface;
  • shift resistance;
  • water resistance;
  • frost resistance;
  • wear out resistance;
  • durability;
Guarantee of production quality is reached by a complex of measures in the fulfilled technological chain of asphalt mixes manufacture. Received stone material of a large fraction (40-70, 25-60) is crashed through a modern crash-sorting complex (made by "Svedala Arbra ") to five fractions cubed road-metal. (0-4; 4-8; 8-12; 12-16; 16-40)
For the top layers of road clothes JSC "ABZ-1" uses road metal from basic gabbro-type mountain breeds (such as gab-bro, gabbro-diabas, gabbro-diorit). The parameter adhesion to bitumen at these stone materials in 2-3 times is higher than at a granite traditionally used for asphalt mixes of all kinds. Dura-bility also is higher at gabbro-type material than at granite. Thus it is possible to achieve significant improvement of initial parameters of asphalt mixes as: wear out resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance influencing durability of a road covering.
The next important element of the high characteristics of as-phalt is using of improved bitumen made of "heavy" petroleum with the lowered contents of paraffin. Such bitumen have sta-ble stability to aging, high extensibility, and also raised adhe-sion with a surface of a stone material. It allows to increase water resistance, crack resistance, corrosion stability and also durability of asphalt covering.
In the autumn of 1999 JSC "ABZ-1" has constructed installa-tion on manufacture polymer bitumen sticky component (PBSC). Successful updating of usual road bitumen with ther-moplastics allows to receive PBSC with characteristics of the improved bitumen. The basic advantage PBSC is its ability to large elasticity to deformations in a wide temperature range (from -60oC up to +60o) that is especially important for road in a sharply continental climate.
The JSC "ABZ-1" is the largest supplier of high-quality asphalt mixes in St.-Petersburg. It has now four asphalt factories, which are located in various districts of city. All industrial plat-forms are completed with modern mobile asphalt installations and crash-sorting complexes. The total capacity of the enter-prise allows to let out more than 6000 tons of various asphalt mixes per a day.
Reliable and completely automated mobile asphalt installation Hot-Mix 30M and Hot-Mix 45M (made by "Kalottikone OY", Finland) provide productivity from 160 up to 240 tons at one o'clock everyone. Operative transition from one recipe on the other and using of several hot bunkers allow to carry out ship-ment of various mixes simultaneously.
Precise organization of manufacture and the constant labora-tory control has allowed to achieve uniformity of let out produc-tion on different industrial sites of the enterprise, that allows to provide uninterrupted shipment of a required mix on object. It enables to achieve a continuity of stacking of a mix on object, and thus, to avoid undesirable seams in the top layers of road clothes.
JSC "ABZ-1" gives a large attention to logistics of deliveries of the basic materials. On each industrial site there are railway ways, and also on one of them (Manufacture 4) own mooring for reception of water deliveries of stone materials. The internal transportation at the enterprise are carried out by own auto park consisting of several bitumen, cement vehicle and dump-trucks.
The accredited test laboratory of JSC "ABZ-1" develops new and corrects the existing recipes of asphalt mixes. This allows to maintenance of constant conformity of production quality to the requirements of the customers and state standards.
Precise weight dosing of sorted cubed rubble and other com-ponents for asphalt mix allows to achieve high conformity be-tween parameters of a let out mix and laboratory samples of the developed recipes.
JSC "ABZ-1" has positive experience of manufacture asphalt mixes with the specific characteristics. By special installation in asphalt mix were entered polymeric stuffs, raising shift and frost resistance of the mixes.
Today JSC "ABZ-1" has image of the most reliable and stable supplier of high-quality asphalt mixes in St.-Petersburg. Our clients are leading road-building companies of St.-Petersburg. Our production has recommended successfully itself on major urban transport highways, quays, bridges and viaducts.
Due to harmonious work of the modern equipped industrial sites of JSC "ABZ-1", located in different parts of the city, is possible to make repair of urban roads in the shortest terms. This is reduced inconvenience of the car drivers to a minimum.
Petersburg companies participating today in road work tenders can give a long guarantee to the Customer on service life of the asphalt covering. The practice has shown that asphalt mixes made by JSC "ABZ-1" serve more than 6 years without repair if they were laid according to the technology.
Asphalt mixes of JSC "ABZ-1" which are used for urban roads bring comfort, the safety of driving and also appearance of the city. They are appreciated by the St.-Petersburg auto drivers, pedestrians and visitors of city.
The joint-stock company "ABZ-1" has brought in the apprecia-ble contribution to an accomplishment of one of most beautiful cities of the world in the leaving millennium, and will aspire to the further perfection of our roads already in XXI century.

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